VTMC is a program that analyzes area per lipid in protein-membrane systems by the Voronoi tessellation Monte Carlo integration algorithm (T. Mori, F. Ogushi, and Y. Sugita, J. Comput. Chem., (2012)).


GENESIS (GENeralized-Ensemble SImulation System) is a molecular dynamics and modeling software for bimolecular systems such as proteins, lipids, glycans, and their complexes. (WIREs Comput. Mol. Sci., 5, 310-323 (2015); J. Compute. Chem., 38, 2193-2206 (2017)).


SINDO is a suite of programs to carry out anharmonic vibrational structure calculations. It consists of programs for generating the anharmonic potential energy surface (MakePES), vibrational self-consistent field (VSCF) and post-VSCF solver (FSindo), and a visualizer (JSindo). SINDO is licensed under GNU General Public License v3.0, and is available free of charge.