Voronoi tessellation Monte Carlo integration method (VTMC)


VTMC is a program that analyzes area per lipid in protein-membrane systems by the Voronoi tessellation Monte Carlo integration algorithm (T. Mori, F. Ogushi, and Y. Sugita, J. Comput. Chem., 2012). The program is also applicable to simple lipid bilayer systems. VTMC is available for FREE from this web site for researchers at academic and non profit-making institutions. Currently we are distributing the program as a BINARY file, which runs on Linux (32/64-bit) and MacOSX (64-bit) platforms with single-core or multi-core processors.

How to get VTMC

Our program is being distributed free to non-profit making organizations. This is on the understanding that it will not be passed on to any third party. It should be noted that the program is still under development and therefore the responsibility for their use rests with the user rather than us or RIKEN. The user must cite our paper in any publications for which the program was utilized to produce, confirm, derive or process data and/or results. If you agree with all this, download the program from here.

Citation of the program

T. Mori, F. Ogushi, and Y. Sugita, “Analysis of lipid surface area in protein-membrane systems combining Voronoi tessellation and Monte Carlo integration methods”, J. Comput. Chem., 55, 379-400 (2012).