Postdoctoral Researcher Weitong Ren


2018 Ph. D in Physics, Nanjing University, China
2012 M.S. in Physics, Nanjing University, China
2009 B.S. in Physics, Nanjing University, China


2019-present Postdoctoral Researcher, RIKEN Theoretical Molecular Sciense Labotoray, Japan


The functional dynamics of bio-macromolecules with theoretical simulations:
  1. Metal ions modulated protein folding and target recognition
  2. Phosphorylation modulated p53 binding to MDM2 by multi-scale simulations
  3. Functional dynamics of group II chaperonin


  1. Unraveling the Coupling between Conformational Changes and Ligand Binding in Ribose Binding Protein Using Multiscale Molecular Dynamics and Free-Energy Calculations.
    W. Ren, H. M Dokainish, A. Shinobu, H. Oshima, Y. Sugita
    J. Phys. Chem. B, 125(11), 2898–2909 (2021)

  2. Exploration of the folding dynamics of human telomeric G-quadruplex with an hybrid atomistic structure-based model.
    Y. Bian, W. Ren, F. Song, J. Yu, and J. Wang
    J. Chem. Phys., 148, 204107 (2018).

  3. Consequences of Energetic Frustration on the Ligand-Coupled Folding/Dimerization Dynamics of Allosteric Protein S100A12.
    W. Ren, W. Li, J. Wang, J. Zhang, and W. Wang
    J. Phys. Chem. B, 121, 9799-9806 (2017).

  4. A novel missense mutation in the ALPL gene causes dysfunction of the protein.
    B. Chen, L. Li, W. Ren, L. Yi, Y. Wang, F. Yan
    Molecular Medicine Reports, 16, 710-718 (2017).

  5. Piecing Together the Allosteric Patterns of Chaperonin GroEL.
    J. Chen, Q. Zhang, W. Ren, and W. Li
    J. Phys. Chem. B, 121, 4987-4996 (2017).

  6. Molecular simulations of substrate release and coupled conformational motions in adenylate kinase.
    D. Cui, W. Ren, W. Li and W. Wang
    J. Theor. and Comput. Chem., 15, 1650004 (2016).

  7. Metal cofactor modulated folding and target recognition of HIV-1 NCp7.
    W. Ren, D. Ji, X. Xu
    J. Phys. Chem. B, 119, 114-127 (2015).