Workshop on Modeling Biomolecular Systems
in Cellular Environments
Oct.31 (Thu.) – Nov.1 (Fri.), 2013, Kyoto University

General Information

The overall aim of this workshop is to bring together a mix of computational and experimental researchers to discuss current challenges in developing comprehensive views of cellular environments. More specifically, there are three main themes: 1) What are the biophysical consequences of cellular environments on protein stability and dynamics beyond simple volume exclusion effects? 2) What are the details of the structure and dynamics of genomic DNA and its transcriptional regulation? 3) How can we develop realistic structural and dynamic models of interacting biomolecules at cellular levels? In this workshop, we invite 20 researchers from abroad and from Japan and would like to have fruitful discussion about this new research topics.


The workshop will be hled at Science Seminar House in the Yoshida campus (North campus) of Kyoto University. Please refer to the following web sites for more informaiton on the location.
North campus map
Yoshida campus and city map
The seminar house is numbered as “10” in North campus map.

Access to the campus :
From Kansai International Airport to JR Kyoto Station
By bus (~120min.) : Kansai Airport Limousine
By train (50~80min.) : The Kansai Airport Express “HARUKA”(Time table)
From JR Kyoto Station to the campus
By taxi (~20min.) : Taxi Stand are at the north area of Kyoto station (Karasuma Chuo-guchi) (Station map).
By subway and city bus (~30min.) : “Karasuma-line” (get off at “Imadegawa”) and the bus “#203” (get off at “Kyodai Nogakubu-mae”).
By city bus (30~40min.) : “#17” (get off at “Kyodai Nogakubu-mae”) or “#206” (get off at “Hyakumanben”).
The seminar house is about 2min. from “Kyodai Nogakubu-mae” and 10 min. from “Hyakumanben” by work.

Scientific Program

Below you will find the detailed schedule of the workshop, including speakers’ name and titles of presentations.
Click here to download the pdf file.

October 31 (Thursday) / November 1 (Friday)


The workshop is free of charge. We welcome your participation and poster presentations in the related topics at our workshop. To register, please complete the registration form and then send it back to us via e-mail (send e-mail).

Dealline for the resistration : Closed
Download the reegistration form : Microsoft word, PDF

Organizing Committee

Yuji Sugita
Theoretical Molecualr Science Laboratory, RIKEN
Shoji Takada
Department of Biophysics, Division of Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University.
Koichi Takahashi
Laboratory for Biochemical Simulation, Quntitative Biology Center, RIKEN.
Michael Feig
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University.


For any questions regarding the workshop, please send an email to the secretary Ms. Hiromi Kano (send e-mail).